VERSA HYTORC Hydraulic Torque Wrench (ประแจทอร์คไฮดรอลิค)
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HYTORC Low Clearance  - VERSA Series


VERSA  Series

150-36,200 ft-lbs / 203-49,051 Nm

For general maintenance that requires high torque values and repeatable results, the Versa is a workhorse. The straightforward three-moving-part design was created by HYTORC over 30 years ago and has been consistently improved upon resulting in the most tried and tested line of hydraulic torque wrenches in the world.

Benefits with the Hytorc Versa Series:


  • Bolt and tool piston aligned – no additional side forces
  • The 3-moving part design reduce the number of potential repair and costs
  • Versatile for use with hex, 12-point, castle-nut sockets, etc
  • Slim, light -weight , super durable alloy designed