HYTORC' battery torque wrench offer several features like digital LCD display , brushless motor, data recording, dual speed mode, safety holder, worklight, eyelet, beeper notification , two directional switch, bluetooth connectivity, low noise operation, and torque, angle & release , momories for job profile and special accessories  two battery, wheel bolting extensions and track pad. All cordless torque wrenches are HYTORC Washer and Nut compatible for hand free operation bolting systems.



Lithium Series Series II

The LITHIUM SERIES II Electric Torque Tool is the next revolution in bolting technology redesigned from the ground up with expanded functionality, greater durability, and intuitive usability. This lightweight 36 Volt battery powered tool, with capacity up to 5000 ft-lbs, is the ultimate solution for strength and portability in industrial bolting jobs worldwide. This tool is compatible with conventional sockets, the HYTORC Washer, and the HYTORC Nut.

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 Litium Gun


The Lithium Gun Series is the ultimate solution for portability and convenience on industrial bolting jobs. With the world’s first 36-volt industrial battery system, these tools are ready for heavy industrial use. The lightweight design and dual speed capability make this system the go-to choice for industrial maintenance and production environments worldwide.

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The LION Gun is the world’s first affordable precision bolting system with built-in data recording. Set your desired torque output on the LION Gun’s display and pull the trigger to get precise, repeatable torque without excessive noise or vibration.

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